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The First Greeting Card is now streaming on Toy Rhino. The show contains action, adventure, history, intrigue, and much more. Watch now for free. 

Emotions are Equations

Emotions are Equations is a show that teaches life lessons for all ages. We promise you will definitely enjoy it.

The Meaning

Animation is an universal language. Our goal is to create content that inspires each person to greater heights.

Other Media

We will be soon launching our animations in a variety of media including comics, music, and games.

Broadcast Goals

Holiday Content and Specials



Be Inspired With Cartoons you will Love

The Toy Rhino Television Network is a streaming service dedicated to content based around holidays and special occasions. Each holiday special distributed is designed to be connected with one or more holidays.

The service was launched on Saturday, December 29, 2018, at 10:30 AM. The first stream is for the action-adventure special The First Greeting Card. A tv special that features lasers, mad scientist, mind-numbing beams, heroes, and an old wise man; this show typifies the type of content intended for release in the future.

Our content is intended for the whole family. You can watch on any screen – TV, phone, tablet, laptop.

We are a small team dedicated to creating the animation.

Where is Toy Rhino located?

Available 24-7 online at

Broadcast / OTT / MVPD

updating soon

Web 2.0

Distribution via web 2.0 channels

Web 3.0

Engagement of metaverse using blockchain technology


Dream Of A World You Can Believe In.

Content Focus

Animated Holiday Specials
Short Form Cartoons

Telly Awards

The Micheaux Film Festival

Nominated in Outstanding Animated Short